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Furnishing your new home? Have a look at these Gen Z Inspired Design Trends

By :Ali Khan 0 comments
Furnishing your new home? Have a look at these Gen Z Inspired Design Trends

Buying a home is a huge step in life and one that should be made with care. While the immediate need to furnish your new place will probably eclipse any other consideration, don’t forget about how your décor will reflect on you and the way you want others to see you. You can create a house that tells passersby who you are even before they come inside.

Born between 1995 and 2012, Gen Z is a unique generation of consumers, one that while having plenty of money to spend online. They’re highly sophisticated when it comes to technology, but there’s quite a bit about this demographic that is inspiring trends. The key here is not only understanding how they differ from older generations — but also considering those differences when we approach design next time around

The idea of the “wow factor” has taken over our culture and now transcends to interior design. With this in mind, here are 5 Gen Z home decor  trends to execute in 2022:


  • The pink colour is no longer a choice:

 Those days are gone when pink colour used to be the choice of youngsters. Now it has been replaced by colours like greens, mustard, gender-neutral colours, and yellows.  This generation is also adopting the monochromatic colour scheme.

 The yellow colour has become the colour of the Z generation. The shades like sunny yellow, muddy, mustardy yellow, and nearly-fluorescent yellow are new hot-favourites.

  • They don’t keep things fancy or too formal:

Gen-Z prefers keeping things casual and simple. They love to give an aesthetic look to their home. Their walls are designed with art patterns and painted with elegant colour schemes. The wooden furniture is also a good pick for them.

We have a great rug that goes perfectly for this trend. This stunning Dark Horse Rug creates a sense of drama and style. The wool and polyester blend is long-lasting and will repel stains and fragrances.

  • Less chaos, more substance

Always on the go, minimalism is the way forward for Gen-Z. They are not into complicated things. They prefer picking furniture that is lightweight and easy to move as they have a habit of updating things frequently. 

  • Saving the environment, one step at a time

Rejecting plastic and accepting sustainability as a lifestyle, eco-friendly furniture, and decor items are making big hits with this environmentally-conscious generation. Recycled and reused items are making their way into homes, with a high preference for jute and rope.

Our Jute rug is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something sustainable.

  • Doing it their way

Living and thriving on Pinterest, Gen-Z has got a knack for DIY stuff. From hand-made wall art to glue-gun tricks doing wonders, they have found low-maintenance ideas that are saving them pretty good $$$.

Gen-Z is expressing their individuality pretty well and reflecting their design choices in their homes. So, find what works for you and re-define your interiors.


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