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7 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Cat Food

By :Ali Khan 0 comments
7 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Cat Food

When it comes to the world of pet food, more money is spent on cat food than any other pet product. Cats are the second most popular pet in Australia. And if you are a proud owner of one or more kitties, then there’s no doubt that their favourite thing in life is to eat!

According to cat nutrition research studies, kittens require twice the amount of protein per pound compared with adult cats while being fed four times the amount when idle.

We’ve seen a lot of dog lovers out there, but those who have furry friends at home might be especially happy to learn some fascinating facts about cat food.

The two main ingredients in most cat food are fish meal and wheat. Those ingredients provide a perfect meal for your feline friend, which they often love to eat from the dish.

Cat food is quite interesting and requires a lot of attention. Like… Just how much does a cat need? If you are a cat owner, there are things about cat food that you might not know.

  • Ingredients in your cat’s food

While buying food for your cat, you must check the title the particular brand is using in the product’s name.

 For example, if your cat food’s brand name is “Emma’s Cat Food with Rice”, in this title “with” represents the number of ingredients given in the title, like Emma’s Cat Food contains 3% rice.

So it means that if “with” is present in the name of any pet food brand name, then the ingredients given in the title must consist of a quantity like 3%. 

  • Milk is not the obvious cat food

Despite what you might see in cartoons, dairy is not the best food for cats. After growing up, the production of lactase enzyme reduces in cats; which is needed for the digestion of milk. So, you need to check with your vet first if your cat is lactose intolerant.

  • Cats obesity is a thing

It is observed by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention that 59.55% cats are the victims of being overweight and obesity.

Although chubby cats look quite adorable, obesity can lead to many health issues for cats including diabetes, arthritis, and urinary tract diseases. So, care needs to be taken while feeding cats as overfeeding is the most common mistake. 

  • Doctor’s recommendation about raw food

Most vets recommend that raw food would be best for your cat. A raw diet for your beloved cat mostly includes raw ground bones, organ meat, muscle meat, etc. The most commonly used raw foods for cats are fish, eggs, and chicken.

  • Homemade cat food

Cat's respiratory system works differently from a human's respiratory system. So we cannot give the food we eat to our beloved cats. But cats can eat some homemade food, i.e. fish, vitamins, cereals, vegetables, and meat.

  • Storage conditions while buying cat food

You should check the store's storage conditions before buying food for your pet. Make sure that the food is stored in a dry and cool place, and the bags or containers of pet food should be sealed. The room temperature must be stable as well.

  • What not to feed them

Onions and garlic are a hard no! Raw, powdered, or even dehydrated forms can pose serious health issues leading to the breakdown of red blood cells and subsequent anemia.

  • While these are some important facts to keep in mind, cats, like people, have individualized dietary needs. Research as much as you can to find the best diet for your pet.


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